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Report: Migrants, MS-13, and Russian Fraudsters Form Massive NYC Injury Insurance Scheme

A massive scheme organized by New York City-based Russian fraudsters, MS-13 gang members, corrupt surgeons, and greedy lawyers has cost local businesses and insurance companies “billions,” a report revealed Sunday.


Diversity is our strength!

House passes defense bill automatically registering men 18-26 for draft

The selective service is already mandatory for male U.S. citizens aged 18 to 24


>A Clarify Capital survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers showed that, beyond fake growth metrics and productivity drivers, one third of professionals claimed they used ghost posts to placate overworked employees.

>The phenomenon has caused universal frustration on both the applicant and hiring side. On average, it can take up to eight weeks for a job seeker to receive an offer after submitting an application online, according to job listing site Indeed. The process often includes resume tailoring, lengthy applications, and multiple rounds of interviews. That means applicants are wasting hours trying to get hired by companies that aren’t actually looking.

>Consequently, it’s not surprising that 55 percent of Americans say they’re “completely burned out” from job hunting, according to staffing company Insight Global.

>Many hiring professionals say ghost posting hurts businesses that are actually trying to recruit new talent. Creating a pre-qualified pool of candidates for future openings is why 37 percent of surveyed hiring managers say they ghost post, but some argue it'll have the opposite effect.

>“Ghost job postings are definitely problematic for companies legitimately trying to hire people,” Ben Lamarche, general manager at Lock Search Group, told The Epoch Times. “Not only do these clutter job boards and make it more difficult for candidates to find and apply to genuine job openings, they also cause frustration and mistrust among candidates.”

>Working at a recruitment and consulting agency, Mr. Lamarche has witnessed the rise of fake job posts. A former recruiter friend of his confessed to posting “ghost jobs” to impress clients and boost his performance metrics. Mr. Lamarche noted the recruiter didn’t seem concerned about the candidates’ quality or level of interest, he was just looking for contact information.

>He’s also seen incidents where professional candidates with perfectly matched skills suddenly face radio silence from hiring managers, only to find the exact job with the same ad posted on repeat every few weeks.

>Tech companies, recruiters, and staffing agencies are among the biggest ghost posters, according to Stephen Greet, the CEO of BeamJobs.

>“Tech companies are often cited as major users of ghost postings,” he said. “With how fast the industry moves, maintaining a pool of potential candidates ready to go is key. That way if a new project pops up or someone leaves, they’ve already got qualified people to consider.”

>The fake job listing trend isn’t limited to applicants with a broad range of expertise. Mr. Lamarche recalled the case of a colleague with a niche skill set who also fell into this trap. The colleague worked with X-ray systems on machines to determine metal fatigue.

>“The company scheduled an interview but then ghosted, and the job posting is still up over a year later,” Mr. Lamarche said. “It’s possible that these fake job postings are used for internal purposes, such as keeping the HR department busy or to avoid discrimination liabilities.”

>Some evidence supports this claim. A 2023 Visier analysis of 1,000 full-time U.S. employees revealed nearly half spend more than 10 hours per week trying to look busy instead of being productive. Eighty-three percent of respondents admitted to engaging in busy work over the past 12 months. This is something Visier calls “productivity theater.”

Do people wonder why young men drop dead from fentanyl abuse, enter in militias or check out of society entirely?


100% this

@brittbratt_fingerpuppet @dictatordave @Xenophon the movie "Pretty Woman" was intended to normalize decadent behavior, as are so many hollyweird creations.

I stopped going to game stores years ago because the products themselves became shit (DnD sucks after 3.5, VtM sucks after 2.0, Magic the Gathering has been shit for decades, etc).

A lot of proto-redditor energy at those places even back in the good times. I can only imagine how bad it's gotten.


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💯- No one escapes.

"Will they be held accountable?"

"I sure hope something blows today."

~ the average wind enjoyer

What a time to be alive.

This is happening
Every Single Day

Nothing is real, and they know we know but now they don't care that we know.

City of Fredericton, NB 🇨🇦 Posting a video of a guy pretending to paint with a dry roller. What a joke.

Wreck on the beach Nordstranden, sank on the 9th of May 1832 (1833)

Martinus Rørbye (Danish, 1803-1848)

@The_Almighty_Kek @cosmonautkatyusha @matty If anyone ever seems annoyed about you reading over a big document that they just said "sign here" on, you should read it a lot more carefully.

He was at his best as a protest vote.

While imperfect, many of his supporters appreciate that he is opposed to policies that actively destroy America.

The bar is low.

He's always been a 90s Democrat and still is. Depending on who you are that's a good thing or the worst thing.