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Conservatives want to talk about but apparently lefties don't. So dumb. MAGA's embrace of her is the proof that was not simply about protesting or that this was a bunch of agent provocateurs aided by cops. They wanted more, to stop the counting or worse.

@wjmaggos Just so I remember, were there like, over 150 days of riots that were explicitly funded and supported by one side of the political spectrum last year including firebomb attacks on government buildings. The people arrested by police during those riots were immediately released en masse without charge by sympathetic DAs. The candidate for vice president explicitly said of the riots, "They're not gonna stop and they should not stop". That was the Republicans, right?


Great job on changing the subject. One can oppose both, as I do. I had some nice back and forths with fellow lefties for defending Kyle Rittenhouse as acting in self defense.

I mostly exist to get people to publicly push back against the bullshit from their own side, because I don't think there's any other path toward democratic progress. People outside our tribes get dismissed and those within who speak out get ostracized. But sometimes we make it through. Care to join me?


I don't think this follows. She was peering through a broken door, which was unwise, but was then shot and the officer's identity never revealed. That's... odd, to say the least.

January 6 strikes me as what happens when you open the doors to a mob. It was an opportunistic event for government, and it gave them a fake Reichstag fire.


the crowd she was with broke the windows of this locked door that served as one of the last choke points before getting to where the legislators were counting the ballots. security was outnumbered so holding this position was very important & she was clearly beginning to climb through, not window shop. of course there will always be multiple elements in an event like this, but we need a much more honest conversation about the motives here. if you believe it was stolen, she's a martyr.


Not really.


The whole Ashli Babbitt thing is just a what-about-ism trap from some *subset* of right leaning people who want *some* progressives to have a "feel bad because hypocrisy" moment.

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No it's not! Name any notorious murder in recent memory we didn't know who it was and everything there is to know about that person

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I support knowing the officer's name etc, but I see some seriously dumb shit coming down on him and his family for something I see as completely justifiable.

@wjmaggos may have wanted more but we’re never capable of it. Now they are languishing in jail and conservatives still have no institutional power, the orange man couldn’t even pardon them. Conservative are losers.


as a lefty, every group outside of the establishment feels this way, despite what other groups outside of the establishment but opposed to them generally think. wish we could first focus a bit more on anti establishment power reorg methods we might be able to agree on. getting everybody on the fediverse instead of big social would be my recommendation of a good place to start.

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Like the dumb shit where the mother of the cop involved in the Atlanta Wendy's shooting got fired?

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I did not catch this one but probably.

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Then you understand why people think there is a double standard.

@wjmaggos I'm changing the subject because context matters.

Frankly, it's embarrassing, all the pearl clutching. "Oh my god! There was a riot!" uh huh? You hate those, eh?

I'm not a part of either tribe. I'm me, and that's the only way not to be made a massive hypocrite of by people waving the same flag as you.


It's clear to me that this election was stolen, but Leftists have a long tradition of doing this. Tammany Hall, the old Chicago machine, etc.

I don't support the Capitol mob, but I think it was caused by the police giving way on orders from above.

So maybe she's a martyr, but to bad government. I am kind of unsurprised that she got shot, but am surprised by the coverup. That's bad news.

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No doubt, but I don't see people agitating for the same for Derek Chauvin.

That's the double standard.


this comment led me to look up the electoral breakdown in 1960. was it stolen by Daley etc as everyone says? JFK needed 269 EC votes to win but got 303. Illinois was worth 27 back then, so he still would have won if Illinois had gone with Nixon.

I agree shenanigans go on, but because of how decentralized our system is, it's really hard to do covertly with lots of precincts and states. I'll agree that voting law changes can drastically raise/lower turnout, but that's technically legal.


I like the Estonian system: national ID cards, voting online, cryptographically secured.

Means no illegals, dead, felons, etc. can vote.

I don't know about Daley/Kennedy. My guess is that multiple steals go on at the same time, sort of like how organized crime operates across state lines.