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Advocate for freedom and tolerance even if you say things I do not like

Adversary of Fediblock

Accept that I'll probably say something you don't like and I'll give you the same benefit, and maybe we can find some truth about the world.

Ah... Is the Alliteration clever or stupid? Don't answer that, I sort of know the answer already...

I feel like our focus on the 20th century really limits our understanding of the depths of human depravity.

This is an image of two Assyrian soldiers forcing a captured Babylonian to grind the bones of his family.

And you might say "Wow, that's a really mean thing to say about the Assyrians!" No, this is them bragging about doing it in immortal stone form.

This wasn't printed out on a laser printer, it wasn't etched using a laser engraver. It probably took weeks or months to lovingly create this work. They were really proud of their depravity and wanted to share it with the world.
Two Assyrian soldiers forcing Babylonian captive to grind bones of his family, 7th - 6th c. BCE.

Blaming the refrigerator for the power source seems to be missing the forest for the trees.

But as long as we're NIMBYists, it seems we'll be lost in the forest.

"we support lesbians!" Ok!
"And gays!" Ok
"And bisexuals!" Ok...
"And transsexuals" Ok?
"And the military industrial complex" wait what?

"You hate gays?" I mean, that last one seemed it was different than the rest...

"Hey everyone! This guy hates lesbians!"

I'm a simple man. Whether it's this thing, or a bumble bee, or a horsefly, I go "oh no! Big bug! Big bug bad!"

That thing lands next to me, I don't care what it is -- I'm panicking.

A voting base wiser than the candidates they're voting for.

They spoke too soon a year ago.

The cleanest toughbook

Religion has gone both ways, even within the same religion. The Muslims and the Christians both had eras where they believed the book was all that should be studies because it's the only true message of God, or believing that the world is a creation of God and so understanding it helps understand God. The Arabs were some of the top scholars on earth in the relatively short time that they were academics, their works restored the wisdom of antiquity in the west. Then they changed their opinion and stopped looking at the world.

Imagine walking around smugly in your apple ski goggles inside.

That would be great, tbh. I think it'd be a really cool instance.

Very very good point.

I often call them the "establishment media" instead because that's what they actually are -- tools of the most powerful people on earth to manufacture consent for whatever scam they're running that day.

> An administrator of a website that has become a haven for racist, antisemitic and misogynist posting also has close ties to Truth Social, the social media site founded by former President Donald Trump, according to a report published Thursday [by moronic staff writer Claire Goforth of the Daily Dot].

> according to

Now, friends.

Let us remember the Zambia Times.

Let us travel back in time to recall the puppetmasters of brain-damaged journos like Claire Goforth and Will Carless:

Lol they aren't sending their best.

I don't think anyone told these people, but making people do work for you for free is slavery. Taxing everyone 99% to pay trillions to a tiny minority would, I think, apply.

I almost feel like that's a confession through projection. "This guy is making fascism sound way too good! wouldn't it be great if we sent our coloured cousins home again? Wait--we need to ban this before I-- I mean other people start to agree with it!"

The MSM in general, it's pretty rough when you're talking about a group that will tell 99 lies and one truth.

The boy who cried wolf is a fable that has survived since 600BCE because it speaks to a truth.

If you're a college educated professional and 10k in debt forgiveness is going to fundamentally change your life, then you fucked up.

You already covered "sister from another mister"