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Leftist political strategy:

1. Implement policies that are blatantly racist or disproportionately affect the poor
2. Point to policies they created that are blatantly racist or disproportionately affect the poor and call them evil
3. Get elected to change policies that are blatantly racist or disproportionately affect the poor
4. Implement more policies that are blatantly racist or disproportionately affect the poor

It's really brilliant when you think of it. You'll never be out of work if you're always solving problems you created by creating the same problem.

Insane seeing people saying the PPC "Split the vote" with the conservatives.

Did the NDP split the vote with the conservatives too?

Look, you guys didn't successfully win someone's vote. You aren't entitled to it, it doesn't have your name on it, and considering more Canadians stayed home during this election than any other election ever, the odds are that the PPC actually "split the vote" with not voting which if it was a political party would have won a massive majority.

Maybe consider courting voters who might actually vote for you instead of NDP voters and we can talk?

@tpostmillennial I'm sure he'll promise to spend more money we don't have to compensate.

Congratulations to Canada for voting in the first black woman as Prime Minister!

To the racist misogynists who say things like "he violates our basic human rights", I say to you how dare you misgender and oppose our beautiful black prime minister?

And two thumbs down to the PPC for stealing votes the Liberals and Conservatives were clearly entitled to! Who does Maxime Bernier think he is? We're supposed to have a choice between the NDP, the NDP, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois, and he is clearly opposing that world order! How can you sleep at night proposing policies like balancing the federal budget, following the constitution, sounder money, and protecting our human rights?

Heil der fuhrer Trudeau!

Don't forget, Canadians! It's election day today, it's time to vote for the only party that isn't the NDP or the BQ, the PPC.

Remember everyone, election day today! Be sure to go and vote for the ppc, the only political party that isn't the NDP.

@sizzletron they spent more money last year at the federal level just in debt then they did in total the year before.

All that money, and they haven't been able to build a single new hospital or provide a single new ICU bed.

We need new Nuremberg trials.

@NEETzsche @coolhandjames charge they phone, eat hot chip, be male feminist and raep

Never change, Australia.

@DK_Dharmaraj red star... Fall! Stain the earth..... Red!

@furgar me too.

@WoodshopHandman isn't a direct measure of success, but willingness to go out and go to where opportunity is definitely predicts success.

Everyone should be willing to go on their Walz because the alternative is to stay in mom's basement and stagnate until she dies.

@lbry the part of your TOS where I'm paying your legal bills and you get to decide how to run the legal defense in th case you get sued scared me away. You're just a video site, I don't want a trillion dollar insurance policy just to post a rant.

@MercurialBlack under the law, it's 3 things as I recall:

1. Reasonably prescribed limits
2. As defined by law
3. As can be justified in a free and democratic society

It has successfully stopped government from doing a bunch of things they want, so it has at least some teeth.

And there's all the stuff not mentioned in the above article.

Ms Minaj is providing an abundance of iconography that will never go away. These tweets will be remembered by her hundreds of millions of fans who are now questioning the crap outta the jab, for sure!

@alex @ew @frodo pretty important distinction.

Alt-right can mean white supremacist, and that's the meaning the left relies on when they use it as a attack.

It can also just mean right wing populism, an alternative route to right wing ideals than the paleoconservative, neoconservative or religious conservative paths.

The distinction is critically important, because they aren't the same at all. You can be both definitions of alt-right because they aren't mutually exclusive, but they aren't necessarily mutually inclusive either.

I don't think the second definition necessarily is synonymous with far right. You can be considered center right (or realistically center left, but thats another problem) and be considered alt-right because it's more about the path to holding right wing views, rather than the extent of those views.