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@Terry @comradepond This guy always looks to me like a kid who dressed up in his dads suit and is pretending to be an adult.

https://invidious.fbxl.net/watch?v=z69_ftoUSwM also pretty ill. Bought hunchback of notre dam cause of this song

@AnotherStag We're the only species that cultivated a bread bacteria to produce a wonder drug that ended some diseases basically completely, too.

Does that mean that penicillin is bad?

@parker @Hibou I refinanced last year, paying a large penalty. I got 2.8% for 10 years, which is a fantastic rate, particularly if rates go way up along the way!

It's a 2-way street mind you: Higher interest rates will tamp prices down. Housing is somewhat sticky mind you, so what will likely happen is prices stick where they are for a really long time. That's what happened in the 90s when the toronto housing market collapsed.

@parker @Hibou Garth Turner is a blogger in Canada who runs The Greater Fool. He's predicting that mortgages could be 4% by the end of this year. I fully anticipate higher interest rates moving forward, they can't keep suppressing them forever.

@TechNews As central planning continues, I see no reason not to expect shortages of anything and everything.

It's what happens when we have a central authority trying to decide what we should use or not use.

Peertube.biz is an absurdly good instance. Every time I look they're mirroring another channel I love to the point peertube is practically an alternative to youtube for me.

@justanothertoxicmale "I just identified as not the suspect, so you have to let me go!"

@Moon @georgia I put one together using an Asustor chasis. It's not free, but the chassis didn't cost much at all.

I think Fediverse is a pretty cool Website. Eh drops n-bombs and doesn't afraid of anything.

@hn100 Usually no. In a lot of jurisdictions the E-word is protected and if you're using it wrong you could get in a lot of trouble.

I am not being a bleeding heart, I am simply applying a single standard to everyone. Canada keeps its best, and doesn't rob other countries of their best. If we want to help other people, we can do it where they live.

And we've made it perfectly clear your views do not help the majority of native-born Canadians, they are entirely self-serving on your part. They help you; they help transnational corporations; they do not help us.

As for birth rates, high immigration & globalism are part of the problem. If you suppress wages by importing cheap labour, undercut Canadian businesses by importing crap goods from overseas, and jack up real estate prices through an influx of people, then of course normal people here aren't going to have kids, they can't afford to. By the same token, the influx of new people into limited population centers and aging native-born population contribute to the strain on our health system.

In short, we neither want nor need to keep up with the world economy, it is the world economy that is the problem. If left to our own devices, we could take care of ourselves just fine.

@Jkid I feel like a lot of cons that forgot what they exist for need to collapse. #forthefans

G suite Legacy Free edition will not be provided to Google users moving forward. https://support.google.com/a/answer/2855120?hl=en

I think this is as good a reason as any to be considering starting up your own #nextcloud instance. @nextcloud is a great open source project that fundamentally acts like a google drive you can self-host. Past that fundamental, nextcloud has a lot of really incredible features available as apps including email, a fantastic office suite, a news reader, chat that can easily link to different chatrooms including IRC, Matrix, XMPP, and others and supports video conferencing, and more.

It was an explosive start to self-hosted services for me, and I'd recommend it 100 times out of 100.

@ScottALavender It's ok, because Justice Sotomayor is just a machine so it's ok to lie about her.