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Accept that I'll probably say something you don't like and I'll give you the same benefit, and maybe we can find some truth about the world.

Ah... Is the Alliteration clever or stupid? Don't answer that, I sort of know the answer already...

The heart of many fallen empires often stop believing in governments altogether, and so different structures take over. It's one reason why the mafia is so powerful in italy.

As I mentioned, yes the "beautiful ones" who groom and groom but never actually leave are one group, but the group that go around attacking anyone still trying to keep the mouse population from dying out are the really interesting ones, and very few people point out that we've got entire groups of people advocating for genocide of the human race at this point.


This guy does great videos and some of the details he mentions I've never heard before and they're chillingly accurate to our current society. Everyone focuses on the beautiful ones, but nobody mentions the genocidal ones.

Going out for a drive today I was thinking about it a lot, you see a lot of buildings, and I really question whether we could build those buildings today. Imagine these multi-story buildings made out of red brick, that's not how we build buildings anymore, we just put up some made in China girders, slap some made in China siding on it, fill it with made in China insulation, and Pat our cells on the back as to how great we are.

You look at multi-story red brick buildings, and I just don't know if we as a civilization are capable of doing this thing anymore. Most of the people who built these things are either retiring, retired, or long dead.

Talking about it now, it reminds me of the archaeological remains of the Harappan civilization. Archaeologists were able to tell the decline of the civilization because they went from being extremely well kept and well regulated and doing the right things and doing things in a sophisticated manner to later on being a lot sloppier in the way that they do things, not following rules that obviously existed before, and doing things in an increasingly less sophisticated manner until the civilization just up and disappeared one day.

The bronze age collapse is relatively unique in the fact that over the course of such a short period of time so many major civilizations completely disappeared, but that doesn't mean that it's the first or last time civilizations will collapse. Just a little while before the Western Roman empire collapsed people didn't remotely think that it could ever happen, they just thought that the empire would last forever. Until it didn't... On the other hand, from an anthropological perspective, it was quite obvious that the Roman empire had fallen from its peak...

I get a kick out of it that anyone goes to mastodon instances that don't federate.

"You know who would say something like this? A TRUMP SUPPORTER NEO NAZI!"

I shot a home invader in the face today.

I was pretty bummed out about it

But then I realized I was happier shooting him in the face than he would have been with my stuff, and the total happiness in the world increased.

So whatever.

That's cuz you ain't on that grind mindset. You get on the grind, you become a bunch of people's agent, grind grind grind, you get 10%, profit.

Then someone has the audacity to say "you aren't paying your fair share!"

They're just a symptom of the problem, quality of life for the common Man has been precipitously dropping for a long time, and they're they're doing whatever they can think of to try to fight back.

Now I can already hear you saying "that's crazy these people won't help them!" And your very likely right, but they've tried the other alternative. Obama got in, he basically destroyed the Republican party by winning so hard, he even had a supermajority in the Senate, and instead of people's lives getting better, they got someone telling them that their lives were getting better while they actually got markedly worse.

That's where you end up with some really weird stuff, like in 2016 a lot of the people who voted Trump would have in the alternative voted for Bernie Sanders. The key with both of them not being a common ideology obviously, but the fact that there were both perceived as considerably different than the political orthodoxy that had failed them.

The cure for politicians like that is really simple but not easy to implement: the working and middle classes need to feel like they've got a pathway to a normal life. As things stand, entire generations aren't having kids because they're struggling so much just to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. Without addressing this root cause, politics is going to get much uglier than you can possibly imagine, you'll look back on these halcyon days with fondness. And that's not just for america, that's for Europe as well where the youth are in bad shape in a lot of countries.

Considering that the largest purveyors of hate by a wide margin are neomarxists, you'd expect such laws to specifically affect neomarxists, but because neomarxists are in charge, doing things like burning down churches or long racist diatribes about why certain races are evil are totally acceptable as long as they're acceptable within a neomarxist lens.

In Canada, which has had hate legislation for decades, when a bunch of catholic churches were burned down, the government's response wasn't "this is unacceptable we will find you and punish you", it was "we understand why you did it"

My invidious stopped working, and when I dug into it it turned out it hadn't been updating for like a year. I had to do the following as the user that compiles invidious to get it to work:

rm -rf ~/.cache/{crystal,shards}


I got called an idiot for saying GOG is the best store, but I still have all my backed up games whether GOG likes it or not, and if steam disappears tomorrow I lose all those games whether I like it or not.

Razzorfist a couple years ago pointed it out, if you can't get media you control (either in the form of physical media like old game consoles or in the form of DRM-Free downloads like GOG), you didn't buy that game, you're just renting it and it'll stop being yours the moment it is more convenient for them to do so.

Honestly, the fact that these countries are still relying on US infrastructure for that stuff is kinda damning. I wonder if the future will be really fundamentally different because once the US infrastructure collapses (and I do think it will eventually) we don't have evidence that it'll be replaced with anything new.

It's like.... "lady.... Women heat their homes too... So do black people."

It's certainly not running any of the OSes blackberry produced, but I think it'd be even more impressive if you could do damn near anything with even a blackberry 10 device.

LGR did a video on UT2004. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abmiv22Q7xA

I was sort of disappointed because I was like "oh, and Epic stopped selling all their games and this sounds good"

But then I realized I already bought it off of GOG and it's triple backed up locally. Nice.

Looks like WWIII is back on the menu.

Good thing we're all too fat and retarded to be conscripted!

I had to send my phone to a repair shop to get the battery replaced, and so in the meantime I'm using a BlackBerry priv my mom gave me that was already basically used up. It's been an interesting experience, because the phone is almost 10 years old, and there's a few things that I had to get over in order to be able to just use basic functionality. Out of the box Google Play store is so old it doesn't even try to update. I had to download an APK off of a dodgy website. Then I ended up having a huge challenge trying to get Google Play services working, I actually had to go into the process list and disable all of the Play services processes in order to update or the phone would crash in the middle of updating. Once all that was done though, though it took a dog's age I finally got your basic updates installed including finally being able to use YouTube which is my primary use of a smartphone these days.

The next thing that came up was opening the web browser. Apparently Chrome for arm 32 hasn't been updated for 2 years? As a result, the moment that I hop onto fbxl social it complains about the certificates. I tried a few options, but in the end although it's not my favorite browser, I went with Firefox which I'm writing this post on.

I joked around this morning that I would get this phone ready to use on a day-to-day basis just in time for me to pick up my original phone, and I'm about to go pick up my original phone LOL. Oh well, at least it's up to date enough now that I should be able to use it if I need to in an emergency.

Oh yeah, blackberry loves just replacing everything, so they had their own keyboard and their own launcher, both of which I'm not too fond of. Put gboard on for the keyboard and open launcher which works wonderfully as my launcher. One thing I do have to hand to blackberry is they are totally chill about you disabling almost all the apps on the phone. All that being said, my experience with this phone has made me fully understand exactly why they don't really make a lot of phones anymore. Let's ignore for the fact the reality that I'm trying to put ancient software onto an ancient phone, the thing gets hotter than the demon core.

Finished "I'm a Noble on the Brink of Ruin, So I Might as Well Try Mastering Magic" last night, it was a lot of fun. The book spent a lot of time showing the MC learning the limitations of his spells, which is something I wanted in a book -- a sort of science of magic.

It's a really odd isekai in that the MC didn't get isekai'd from earth -- he was a medieval commoner and became a 5th son of a count. The effect of this is that he has the common sense of the common man and that seems to be his superpower -- work ethic from someone who needed to work or they'd die, and the regard for the common man that comes from someone who spent their life as a common man.