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Hot take: Engineering students who cannot grasp the concept of "files and folders" and only understands their phone's storage structure


Fail them. Tell them to go take remedial computer class at the local elementary school.

@r000t how do you pass an engineering course without unix skills or ability to use latex

@r000t i really think this article is bullshit, im 19 and not in a stem field (art) and everybody i know understands what a fucking file is lol

@essie @r000t yeah because in your field you're useless without Photoshop and asset management systems, so it's required learnings

Trust me, zoomers are really really stupid.

Think about it. They grew up with technology that was boomer friendly. They, just like boomers, had no need to learn it. It was handed to them.

@r000t do you guys not have basic admin classes and stuff in schools?? i mean we covered this in primary school, it wasnt a tech-heavy school but they had us make little powerpoints and stuff and taught us to use word, and in hs using excel and access, and knowing how to organise stuff into folders just came with that pretty naturally?

@r000t i mean it totally makes sense that people my age would be a bit less inclined to organise things like that and might default to shoving shit in the one folder but again that’s mostly laziness, i really cannot figure out how someone can go through school, end up in engineering, and have never had to use folders

@r000t I can often be retarded when it comes to using computers and even I understand this shit. How tf are Zoomers this tech illiterate? At least Boomers have an excuse.

@ArdanianRight @r000t They have the same excuse as Boomers, not being required to use computers at this level.

Unless they had a home computer, and even then they probably just used a single default home directory and the web, they probably had school issued Chromebooks (designed to be secure along with their ecosystem, so simple), or otherwise used the Google ecosystem for writing papers. Those asking the questions about folders never got further into the field of not always fun systems administration … but, yes, not as far as my Silent Generation mother and her pictures of grandkids…. They will learn this stuff, I’m just not sure it’s something you should expect from non-CS types.

@ThatWouldBeTelling @r000t School-issued chromebooks are a plague. In this modern era it's important to have a computer that's really your own as opposed to one for school/work that can only be used for "approved" shit. The internet should be about doing whatever the fuck you want and exploring the great expanses of human thought and action.

@r000t I've said repeatedly: People think that kids are good with technology because they can surf facebook or youtube really well. That is NOT being good with technology.

Yes, if they can't do something as basic as open a file, then it's time to fail them and force them to learn. It isn't magic, it isn't impossible, it isn't even hard. But it is essential and if you let someone pass without knowing this then you've failed them.