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@Mek101 And the individuals who control the means of production that is themselves aren't demanding higher and higher profits for selling their labor? I mean, that's exactly what the image is demanding. Of course people want higher profits.

The question is highly relevant because instead of focusing on how to get more money out of employers, we can instead focus on how we can take the highest wages in the world and some of the highest wages in history and make them go properly.

My first apartment was a 2-bedroom in an ok neighborhood for 400/mo. Good luck finding the same thing for 1500/mo today. The culprit is not the owners of the property, it's the governments and the central banks who dumped unlimited money into companies so prices keep going up. The companies certainly would have preferred making more money to less, just like the gas station attendants would prefer making more money to less, but it was the irresponsible central planning that allowed them to actually get away with it.