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holy shit... Most deaths being vaxxed people I'd believe is a statistical fluke since most people are vaxxed.

But most people are NOT triple vaxxed.

I guess it could be selection bias, the people who get vaccinated again and again are the people who are more likely to have some sort of preexisting conditions that would predispose them towards dying of the vaxx?

@sj_zero Is Canada's vax rate as high as claimed? I'm fairly confident that America's is much lower than the official number.

@sj_zero Even if selection bias is at play, it shows that those who are not getting vaxxed have no need to worry in spite of the fearmongering. If you are young and healthy, covid should not be a threat to you.

I suspect it is, but there could be some fuckery I don't know about.

Officially, the population is stable in my region, yet you can't buy a house. Is the actual official population correct, or is something wrong with the measurement?

@sj_zero I mean yeah that's super alarming, if it's true. I just did a random search for "covid19 vaccinated death percentage" though and found this, which directly contradicts that graph. So someone is lying, and the question is who stands to gain the most from it? I'd personally be suspicious of any claims that howl doom and gloom, shrieking "pay attention to me" while unironically using the word "jabbed."

Covid19 Deaths By Vaccination Status by CDC and ourworldindata

@sj_zero I know a lot of the real estate market is artificially inflated by speculators. They'll buy a house at a high price, and they're only buying it hoping to flip it for higher in the future, but their purchases drive up prices overall, even if there are enough houses for everyone to get one for free. But that's just about housing markets in general; I don't know the exact situation in your area. Or my area for that matter. They don't tell us anything!

@sj_zero as someone who is vaxxed x2 no boost. My only solace I take from this is that when I die, I won’t have to hear any more about covid.

I do think you're right to an extent. That's definitely a big part of it.

It's sort of sad, but the housing crash that's in progress right now caused by increases in interest rates is going to be the best thing for the ability of ordinary people to buy houses...

Good point. It's just a graphic, there's no way to know for sure if it's true or not.

My cynicism is always going to lead me to assume the worst, especially when it comes to mega corps making billions of dollars forcing something dangerous down our throats. That doesn't necessarily mean that my cynicism is warranted.