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i think instead of releasing new computer hardware every half a year that is twice as expensive, consumes twice the amount of power and is slightly more powerful, we should simpley bully software developers into optimizing their fucking programs

skype got away with 100mb ram usage in 2015

why is my discord client in 2022 using nearly 3 gigabytes ram


seventy two megabytes

a stackoverflow question from 8 years ago

"why is skype memory usage so high?"


According to TaskManager on W7, Skype is using 72Mb of memory. I'm not in a call or anything - it's just logged in.

Is this anything to care about?"

> why is my discord client in 2022 using nearly 3 gigabytes ram

It is dutifully mining bitcoin for North Korea


this is discord's ram usage with all custom plugins and mods disabled

btop entry for discord, all subprocesses collapsed memory usage: 2.9G
cpu usage: 28.4%

here's discord canary, vanilla, no mods, nothing injected

1.4gigabytes right after startup
I'll post another screenshot after I let it run for a few hours

discord memory usage is 1.4G

"oh but its convenient to not have to worry about optmizations"

you know what is not convenient? when your software crashes my computer because of complete lack of optimization

"oh but ram is cheap these days"

this is 16 gigabytes of ram. it should be more than enough

you know how much latest 32gb ram is? €150-500, depending on speed

that is Not cheap in any way

@AgathaSorceress Well, they run an entire web browser for each electron app you're using. They like this as they don't have to share browser resources with other apps, and native client development isn't needed just an off the shelf browser more or less. It's ideal as any issues with resource usage are always someone else's fault.

If you stop using discord it should fix your problem. Hope that helped.

@AgathaSorceress skype was written in delphi by the last of the desktop programmers. emacs uses around 70-100mb too, loaded down in lisp packages.