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Ukraine's FIST Hits Kherson, quickly breaching Southern Front

Extraordinary claims of Ukraine success... from a RUSSIAN blogger.

Ukraine's forces broke through, deep into southern Occupied territory in Kherson region. Completely unconfirmed but look at the map - it could be a Russia withdrawal to east of the river.

The eastern offensive's FIST blew through the Lyman hub this weekend and is approaching the critical hub at Svatove.
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Kherson Southern Front (Russian map) Eastern Front (Russian map)
Ukrainian Forces have advanced 15-20km North in the past several days liberating the settlements of Borova, Shyikivka, Nevske and several other villages🇺🇦

As Ukrainians attempt to reach the city of Svatove and connect with troops in East Kupyansk Eastern Front
The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Borova and are advancing on Svatove from three directions. Kherson Southern Front -- KHERSON /1330 UTC 3 OCT/ 

The UKR breakthrough on the T-04-03 is confirmed to have reached Dudchny.  RU units are now repositioning to meet this thrust. UKR will be quick to take advantage of the withdrawal of RU defenders at any point along the contact line.


In Yet ANOTHER Act of Goodwill, Russian's Retreat in CHAOS!

In Kherson, Russian sources are reporting Ukraine has recaptured about 25% of the northern right bank of the Dnieper river and continue to move forward rapidly.

Ukraine's ECM jamming has been so effective, Russians are pleading for air coverage using Telegram! 🤣 Ukraine is also disguising tanks as Russian tanks to gain surprise advantage on their attacks! 😲

Run, Russians RUN! 🚗 🚐 🚚💥

I'm sure there will be a collective sigh of relief from DC when this is over and they can go back to using Ukraine as their personal slush fund and cesspool of deviant activities.

@DotardTed about time the "most experienced army in europe" actually got some kind of a win. though they're going to have to push all the way to kherson city to really call it one.

. @threalist @vitiate_

In Futility, Russia TRIES to Stop the Bleeding in Kherson

Several Russian columns of artillery were spotted heading from Melitopol to the Kherson frontline, including Grad systems, Self Propelled Artillery and Logistics Supply Trucks.

Since there are no bridges, they will have to attack from across the wide Dnieper river, flanking the frontline, exposed to Ukrainian artillery with twice the range.

Kerch Bridge or BUST!

@DotardTed @threalist @vitiate_

The walls are closing in

@BlueDouche @DotardTed @threalist @vitiate_
russia already used its deadliest tactics to counter Ukraine army offensive. Ukraine is doomed

@threalist @vitiate_ @BlueDouche> "Futility"

Do you follow the news, or just make it up as you go along?

Russia claimed they were "the second best Army in the world." they're not the second best army in Ukraine!

Equipment Russia abandoned has made RUSSIA Top Weapons Donor to Ukraine!

The R-934BMV Automatic Jamming Station captured in Kharkiv was helpful jamming Russian comms in Kherson this week. They were so jammed that panicked Russians resorted to pleading for air cover on TELEGRAM. 🤣

The war isnt easy. That much us clear. The details are hazy at best.

I remember hearing American talking heads telling us they expected it to be over in a month. Did Russia think that? I never get that impression when listening to Putin or a representative directly.

It's easy to imagine they weren't expecting the level of Western arms contributions.

Big picture I dont see any winners in this. The only real win would have been listening to Ron Paul, deescalating NATO, and avoiding the conflict. It's also hard to ignore the ethnic Russian populations being occupied by Russia right now which were beset by something like a decade of violence under Ukrainian occupation.

But hard for me to understand is the gleeful cheering as the conflict rolls on.

The same countries that locked you down want the same government for Ukraine.

The same countries that push institutionalized deviancy for school children want the same for Ukraine.

The same countries that push two tier justice in their countries want the same for Ukraine.

The same countries that want total submission to the official narrative on everything want the same for Ukraine.

What's to cheer about?

The only thing to cheer for would have been not instigating the conflict.

I take that back. There is a winner. Same winner from Afghanistan.