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Which matchbox car should I get:

@TURBORETARD9000 @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante i have hotwheels lol.
anyway, should've posted pics, but i'd go for the 2020 corvette

@TURBORETARD9000 @MischievousTomato @Yellow_Heart @errante i don't understand anything about cars
but i think boys should have blue cars and girls should have pink cars

@Paulo @TURBORETARD9000 @Yellow_Heart @errante what color would u like ur car abby

@TURBORETARD9000 get a honda civic cuz its a sports car and it needs sports tires

@TURBORETARD9000 Citro├źn Ami sounds silly

@lina They got rid of the rally series cars :(

@TURBORETARD9000 oh fuck i just realised that you're talking about model cars and not an actual car lol, i guess the charger then, i always liked the 00s chargers cuz they look like cool, aggressive sedans

@MischievousTomato @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante lol yeah
I'm tempted by the KSC (Kennedy Space Center) livery

@TURBORETARD9000 @MischievousTomato @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante yea i like the charger i hope you got the cahrger

@TURBORETARD9000 @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante i love when images on husky take ages to load

@MischievousTomato @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante try fedi-lab its better than husky in my opinion

@Yellow_Heart @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante tomato industries needs to build its own fedi app for android already

@Paulo @TURBORETARD9000 @Yellow_Heart @errante ads supported + pro version with no ads

@Yellow_Heart @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante i like the corvette but i ptefer a porsche 911 gt2/3

@Yellow_Heart @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante fedilab looks like dogshit


@MischievousTomato @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante no. you are just weird. husky looks terrible to me

@Yellow_Heart sync for reddit looks gorgeous. fedilab tries to follow material design 2 but it looks awful. freetards can't into good design @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante

@MischievousTomato reddit layout is easier to follow

@MischievousTomato @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante this sounds like a you problem

@Yellow_Heart i love smug retards like you, i also noticed the cursor on replies moves after the replies load. fuck this shit @TURBORETARD9000 @Paulo @errante

@MischievousTomato @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante I got the charger and the gemera

@TURBORETARD9000 @Yellow_Heart @Paulo @errante good choices
no corvette doe
I'll show u my cars l8r