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I'm a chill troll. I like to fuck around. It's nothing personal. I'm just bored. I'm a regular person just like you and I get bored a lot. Talking shit and being a troll online is pretty much the only thing that amuses me at this point.I'm here to pop in and fuck off. I like to joke around and be sarcastic and random. Don't take anything I say personally I'm just joking around so don't be a pussy.Plus, this is like the only place online where I can say the word faggot.

@m00se what

@Bloomfer maybe

@Bloomfer I'll penetrate that ass

@endwokeness woke is gay

Do you guys use nostr or the fediverse more and why?

@Dicer squidward


get fucked in the ass fag

@victor right they all literally say the same shit post the same stuff

@meowski did you jack off after?

@BigDuck that's so cute lol

I'm fucking around. I like to fuck with people don't take it serious

I don't want to go to work tomorrow

Why arnt you sleeping?

Audrey Hepburn was a whore

@BigDuck arnt you a joy to be around

@Omega_Variant i love taking shit online

@MercurialBlack because you hate yourself

@n3f_X al sharpten

@MischievousTomato reddit layout is easier to follow