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Seems I pissed some people off tonight

Tough shit 🖕

@Omega_Variant People... pissed off online?
What a novel concept

I know it's horrific man horrific!

I can see why with your proclamation concerning soy nugget “bacon” bits 😤

It was due to me telling someone to get a gf but I mean fake bacon bits are lit. It's ok to admit if DOG, I won't judge 😏

No I don’t eat the fake bits. I can’t remember the last time I may have ate any

I don't like the "real" ones you get store bought. If you make bacon and chop it up yourself then THAT is unbeatable

Dog's being honest. He really eats my bits.

Anime nerds are a sensitive bunch

They are as big a cry baby as the normies they rail against

Well that’s what normal people do 💁🏼‍♂️ I always have a bag of cooked bacon in the freezer

See that is fire. I just hat the store bought ones


@Omega_Variant i love taking shit online

@Omega_Variant Come one man, rule 1 of the internet;
'You must be nice and agree 100% of the time, every time'

And since thats the rule of the internet, what do you have nice to say about my frens milling job here?


It looks.....good 😬