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I feel so rundown, lately.

@DuchessOfMars i feel you pal. work treating you ok? my head has been feeling kind of foggy lately. kind of weird. gona try to touch grass tomorrow

@meowski It is just work and the bootcamp. I'm going to take a one to two day break and then catch up.

@DuchessOfMars how is that coding bootcamp going?

i did my stretches in the sun this afternoon and still felt sun starved so i went to the store. head feeling a little less foggy after that

@meowski did you jack off after?

@meowski It is going okay. I'm learning a lot.

I hope you feel better soon. I was extremely forgetful when I was anemic. Although, since you said you felt better when going out in the sun, It is probably winter fatigue.

@DuchessOfMars ty i think drinking too much caffeine has something to do with it