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India blocks 14 apps including , @briar, threema, imo etc

"While tracking down one of the communication, agencies found that the mobile application does not have representatives in India and it is difficult to track down activities happening on the app".

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This is a dangerous precedent and opens the door to ban any app/service not having a presence in India. We should challenge this order in the Supreme Court.

@praveen @briar

Blocking element?

@praveen @briar Do we know how are they gonna block them in practice?

@awry @praveen @briar No ideas, according to my reports it still exists in app stores. Maybe it's a geolocation ban rather than a country wide ban.

Delhi/NCR. Available and able to install. Guess it’s only in J&K?

@Deus @praveen poast hosts an matrix server for use with element btw :3 matrix.poast.org

Sadly, the Internet of my youth is likely coming to an end. Politicians around the world refuse to allow people to have discussions they can't stick their fingers into.

@praveen i'm sure the terrorists will not just use a VPN to download these apps or side-load them


Well, since anyone can spin up a server - I really wonder how they can enforce it in reality

@praveen @briar

@sj_zero I think is is because a lot of people outsource politics to others. At least in some countries we still can be politicians ourselves.

@meowski the real issue is the normal people will be afraid of using them for fear of getting labelled as a terrorist.

Freedom depends on courage in the face of unjust laws