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I kinda wish also had a instance tbh

That would be great, tbh. I think it'd be a really cool instance.

@realcaseyrollins why not kbin?

@fu That's a good question. would be just as fine.

@realcaseyrollins What is NAS?

@kjr 's instance, No Agenda Social

@kjr @realcaseyrollins oh, they definatley would have been de-federated by the majority of .

@kjr @realcaseyrollins I don't think it would have been that much different than exploding-heads.com/

@fu @realcaseyrollins I don't know a lot about, I checked shortly Lemmy and I decided at the end to use kbin.

@fu @realcaseyrollins omg... in only 20 secs. I had enough of that. They are federated with the other Lemmy instances?

@fu @kjr Well, they seem to be pretty radical/conspiracy theorists, not exactly the community I'm thinking of

@kjr @fu IDK, but it definitely federates with narwhal.city (the instance I use)

@realcaseyrollins @fu yes, and a lot of homophobia. But I have looked some "non trendy" posts and some of the communities have good things too.

@kjr @fu Yep, most instances have at least one good apple

@realcaseyrollins @fu What is Lotilde?

@kjr @fu It's like a alternative to , that'd be the best way to put it

@kjr @realcaseyrollins I''m not sure. I had an account on community.hackliberty.org primarily because they didn't seem to block, nor be blocked by instances from lemmigrad to wolfballs, but after they merged that with their other instance links.hackliberty.org, I haven't gotten it to work, and their admin keeps telling me he needs to figure out what is going on with their database.

@realcaseyrollins @kjr then your experience with NAS sounds different than mine.