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This is a bee that is appearing in the gardens right now. It's called a Xylokope bee. This is the biggest bee in Europe (2.5 cm). She doesn't sting (unless we chase her, of course). Xylocop is the so-called "lonely" bee. But it can live in colonies, i.e. side by side. Black with blue wings.. she is very beautiful but can be scary, her flight is fast and very loud but not aggressive and rarely stings. It is for protection because it is rare and very useful. Some people mistake her for an Asian hornet!!!

My favorite bee is Zyklon B.

That thing lands next to me, I don't care what it is -- I'm panicking.

@TriptychTwins-partdeux RARE FAT BEE

@sj_zero @TriptychTwins-partdeux it's just an all black bumblebee. They bounce off of me in the garden while they go about their work sometimes.

I'm a simple man. Whether it's this thing, or a bumble bee, or a horsefly, I go "oh no! Big bug! Big bug bad!"