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China tightens access to Tiananmen Square while 32 are detained in Hong Kong

Wow a post on lemmy denouncing the CCPs actions instead of denying them or even trying to justify them? Thats rare

I plan on actively posting to counter the constant barrage of tankie propaganda that is very clearly an issue here. Misinformation is a very real issue that we face in our society and unless we actually do something about it, it will only continue to get worse.

@Senokir @Solaris1789 I hope they don't ban you

If this community doesn't welcome people who actively fight against misinformation then I am more than happy to be banned.

@Senokir In general they are, at the very least, hostile to folks who do so. It's a main reason I use (via narwhal.city) rather than (although there are newer instances out there now that I'm considering joining eventually)

@Senokir @realcaseyrollins Yeah we should nuke Beijing.

@Mark @Senokir Heck no

If this was reddit i'd be concerned but there isnt any censorship here i know of

@Solaris1789 Didn't the software literally use to have a hardcoded blocklist of words it wouldn't let you use?

By words you mean slurs?

@raresbears Yeah, although there were some other words that were banned as well IIRC

Edit: The problem wasn't just that slurs were banned, but a) it included words that weren't banned and b) it interfered with directly posting news articles. For example, I think someone had called the b word at some point and I couldn't link to an article about it because it included the word in the URL

It is a very real issue so it'd be nice if you'd stopped doing it yourself. Also this is not world news, this is a China news, world news is not whatever the US and its European eunuchs oppose to.

@sovietsnake @Senokir

> This is not world news, this is China news


Also this is not world news, this is a China news,

Is china not part of the world? lmao

I’m not saying there can’t be news about China, what I’m saying, and I’ve seen this a multitude of times, is that there is something that Usonians and Europeans do a lot, is that they post news about their countries as if they would be the world. In my book “World News” means something the entire world should care about, not just the Anglosphere and Europe, the description seems just a silly thing to put as a placeholder, at least that’s how it has always worked in this community, news that the entire world cares about. It is a good rule that something global would involve at least 2 countries, or some event that it is really worth mentioning, like a natural disaster in some country, etc.

@gary_host_laptop Now that's a fair point. I generally dont love the designation of "world news" to anything not happening in the . Over at narwhal.city, where I'm basically the head mod, there's only one news community, @News. If you wanna post American news there, fine, but foreign news is just as appropriate.

Don't ever let anyone forget or brush under the rug the horrible acts that occurred in Tiananmen Square on June 4th, 1989.


Lemmy.ml federates with the leftist instance Lemmygrad which is the largest one. If you bring up those arguments here you are bound to get ratio'd. Perhaps you should look for a different instance and post these arguments there.

No thanks. I don't give a fuck about getting ratio'd. Let the people decide. Assuming this platform ever gets more traction, which it seems to be doing, the vast majority of the people that come here won't be tankies so... no, no I don't think I will go somewhere else.

These people really want their echo chamber, not a good look for Lemmy imo

One of the main reasons I've switched over to feddit.de. Hope more instances have the sense to block servers that are openly pro-imperialism and pro-totalitarianism.

@gzrrt @xTechDeath Is it not better to have open dialogues with people who disagree with you, rather than blocking them?

There were words like "sl**" that where normal words in Danish or something like that, which caused issues with multi language stuff, that's why it was removed.

@gary_host_laptop In any case, I'm not salty about it, because it's now configurable (which it always should have been IMHO), just using it as an example to point out the bias and pro-censorship leanings of those running the software project, who I believe are also running lemmy.ml unless something changed recently

Why are you including me in your response to him? Did I say anything about blocking?

@xTechDeath Because you were in the above thread; probably just has something to do with how includes mentions in replies, I didn't add or remove anyone to my responses here

"Bias" is such a negatively loaded word. Use Anti-Nazi-bias instead.

@m532 lollll 😂😂😂


Why not post about the atrocities committed by the USA and their allies on their anniversaries then?

Might get exhausting posting every day.

Having been a life long socialist myself, it's a bit mystifying to me how anyone can believe that the atrocities commited by the US somehow makes the PRC or Russia in any way deserving of praise.

For sure I'd like more people to call out the American genocide of its natives, or honor the heroes that fought for their emancipation during the time of chattel slavery.

But I'll be damned if any of those atrocities will make me defend the human suffering caused by the Chinese or Russian regimes. To me, being a socialist means standing up for the little guy, judging a society by how we care for those who have the least. The only us vs them struggle there is, is the one between the working and the ruling class - not the one between east and west. Idolising Zedong only puts another Emperor on a pedestal. I say fuck them all, western or eastern rulers and billionaires, they're the real enemies of a social and equal world.

You can't have good faith arguments with cult members, fascists, or tankies.

l I haven't been a socialist my whole life, my life is still continuing after all, but this is incredibly accurate. and you deserve all the upvotes. @realcaseyrollins

I'm not sure I understand China's reactions here... if nothing happened, then why not just let them congregate and "remember" something that supposedly didn't happen? What's the harm? If they were blocking traffic or riots were involved, it would understandable to want to stop it, but if it's peaceful, where's the harm? Unless of course, something did happen that they want people to forget...

China doesn't say nothing happened, what they say is that counter revolution happened, and it was effectively suppressed. Why would you let someone celebrate the equivalent of an extremist movement?

Corrupt, murderous dictatorships rarely tolerate accurate recollections of history.

You must have experience with that, it's what you've been doing for the last 200 years.

It's almost as if Chinese Imperialism, genocide and ethnic cleansing is still bad even if the West built its powerbase on Imperialism.

How many colonies does China have? How many countries has it invaded? How many wars has waged?

Fascists like you and followers of the capitalist death cult can only say this: Tibet, because they drove the feudal lords and dalai lama paedophiles; Taiwan, because the bourgeois dictatorship claimed that land as theirs, as if it isn't historically all one China, a similar story with Malvinas, I guess you also think they belong to the British; Hong Kong, which was a British colony but for some twisted reason you think they should be it's own thing, because again it historically has not belong to China; the Uyghur thing, which even Western sources deny and/or doubt of its veracity and which was propelled by a right-wing organisation pro US imperialism; and delirious ideas about China being "imperialist" in Africa or South America because it trades with them and builds infrastructure, instead of providing bogus "financial aids" which then end up in the hands of US puppets like you did in Argentina with IMF funds. So basically all of the "imperialism" you claim is China trying to recover its historical territories lost in the process of the proletarian revolution.

Meanwhile, I don't see any of the likes of you denouncing the plethora of colonies Europe and the US has been having and continue having for centuries. Why are you so openly in favour of a Hawai'ian independence movement but you are so fervently obsessed with China? I know why, because you have fascists freudian slips and you can't even realise about it yourself, since you live surrounded by people who justify themselves, and you have never interacted with a person from the Global South that's not a fascist. By the way, the things I'm telling you, this is not "tankie" stuff, I have Peronists friends, Trotskyists friends, and all over the spectrum in Argentina, and they all know what you people say is complete and utter disgusting, the thought that everyone agrees with this kind of thought is something only maintained in first world imperialist countries. Don't fool yourself.

Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Tibet are all Colonies of China, which it treats as Colonial Territories, by -

Forcibly destroying the local culture. Forcefully extracting to harm of the locals. Genocide, abuse, kidnapping, rape.

But there is no point in engaging to you. You are a liar. You know you are. When you deny genocides, you put yourself on the same side as the fascists and reactionaries of the past.

Yup, tankies are fascists under a new name.

You are a fascist under no new name, just good old fascist.

@gary_host_laptop @cavemeat I'll do you one better:

Anyone I disagree with is a fascist.

I feel like our focus on the 20th century really limits our understanding of the depths of human depravity.

This is an image of two Assyrian soldiers forcing a captured Babylonian to grind the bones of his family.

And you might say "Wow, that's a really mean thing to say about the Assyrians!" No, this is them bragging about doing it in immortal stone form.

This wasn't printed out on a laser printer, it wasn't etched using a laser engraver. It probably took weeks or months to lovingly create this work. They were really proud of their depravity and wanted to share it with the world.
Two Assyrian soldiers forcing Babylonian captive to grind bones of his family, 7th - 6th c. BCE.

@sj_zero @cavemeat @gary_host_laptop @realcaseyrollins The new world was more civilized before Europeans showed up, right?

Uh, nope.

Most people who casually hate on Christianity have never lived outside the Christian morality bubble. And would not live long if they tried.

@sj_zero @cavemeat @gary_host_laptop @realcaseyrollins That's how absolutely awful the Babylonians were.

Expect parallels with the modern degeneracy movements.

I didn't even say that about him directly. He's straight up been parroting the same things I've been hearing for years, just with a fresh coat of paint. Supporting authoritarian regimes is fascist, regardless of the "side" its from (and no, I don't support the US's imperialism). Now, you can argue over my definition, but that's a slightly different topic.

@cavemeat I agree, I'm just generally laughing at the constantly mudslinging of calling people you don't like fascists. Both of you guys are quite different so calling each other fascist really dilutes any meaning of the word