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History will prove Putin as the individual who breathed new life into NATO the most. Thanks, Vlad. 😛

Maybe that was by design..


Maybe he could, you know, not invade Ukraine and prove everyone wrong.

But I'm not an imperialist warlord. 🤷‍♂️

What would the United States have done, if the Soviet Union hypothetically tried to put missiles in Cuba that could reach Washington?


The Soviet Union was the Russian empire overtaken by Bolshiviks. The Russian Federation is the Russian empire after several former Soviet republics left.

Oh, and the RF is already in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. No nukes yet but certainly influence, along with China.


You avoided the question, but here's an easier one:

What would the US have done, hypothetically, if they believed a group of militants in Afghanistan represted a threat?


Because equivocating potential NATO expansion with the Cuban missile crisis is asinine. But in the conspira-tard world, a defensive alliance is the same as an offensive posture.

I don't agree with many things the US feds do but the Russian government gave it a degree of legitimacy that even its most ardent advocates never thought it could.