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re: Bullying

You hear too often about kids committing suicide from bullying. I wonder if this happened at the same rate in the 1950s and you just didnt hear about it because no internet?

Im assuming it didnt happen; at least, not at current rates.

So, why?

Schools added "zero tolerance" policies. In reality, these policies are similar to the policies of current leftist prosecutors, wherein they are more apt to come down harshly on someone for trying to do the right thing in a bad situation, than they are to go after actual bad actors.

Public school policies toward bullying are similar. The schools dont aggressively punish bad actors. They do punish everyone together if you fight back against a bully per the "zero tolerance" policies.

The result?

In the past, bullies were like wolves in a forest. Nobody liked it, but they are there, and your choice is fight or flight.

Now, they are still wolves in a forest, but if you fight, the forest ranger will come down on you and you'll be in just as much (or more) trouble than the wolf. In schools, there was a kind of Wild West code of Justice, and if you could hit the bully back, everyone knew they deserved it.

Now the system turns a blind eye until you are pushed to your limit and fight back, and then the same system comes down agaisnt you with prejudice for your pursuit of Justice.

I imagine this is what the kids are finding unbearable.

You make some very good points. The schools now seem as though their main objective is to prepare the students for a life of punishment in jail or a life of greatly diminished freedoms. This makes me sad for the children.
😎 All I'm able to do is pray for All of the students in the world.


Some teachers are bullies also. I know of one (female to male tranny) pumped up on male hormones who hit a student in the face w:a closed fist. The school did nothing abt it. The student, an honor roll female student on the school basketball team went from being very bright, positive, athletic & honor roll student to depressed, anxious, and failing school. Til this day NOTHING has been done about it. The mothers pleas have been ignored and school officials are now attacking her.

@threalist It was like this when I was in elementary school 20 years ago.

Right. This stuff started around then.

Someone can correct me but i think the "zero tolerance" stuff started in the 90s as a way of allowing the school administration to absolve themselves from having to do the right thing. It is much easier to just follow the policy when the policy makes no determination of right and wrong.



Zero tolerance punishes kids who stand up for themselves

@threalist @HLC let the schools raise the kids because mom wants to be a strong, independent, modern woman and get a job. so rather then helping her kids become emotional mature, just drop them off at a string of daycare systems


@threalist child suicide was unheard of before doctors started prescribing them antidepressants

Yeah, wild how those pharma ads always list "suicidal thoughts" as a side affect of antidepressants..

@threalist @HLC

With a zero tolerance policy, the optimal response is to permanently maim the offender, if you're going to be punished anyway, you may as well dish out as much as possible.

@threalist some people deserve to get bullied though
now everyone is a nerd

@EllisDee @threalist The problem with ZT policies is perfectly outlined in his assessment.

The people doing the right thing (standing up to aggressors) are put down twice over, once by the bully, yet again by the educational establishment. And they don’t actually punish the bully half as harshly. Modern American schools working on the ZT model work much like society actually, further cementing the idea that American schools are very much like broader American society: a sociocultural mishmash of people who do not belong with those who do not deserve to be around them who are forced to deal with the dysfunctions of those aforementioned undeserving β€œpeople,” be those dysfunctions educational, economic or criminal in nature.

@Owl @threalist I grew up with zero tolerance and was bullied for being a fat weirdo. But I can also throw a punch and got rewarded for standing up for myself from my parents.

@threalist The policy at the school I attended was like that. If someone attacks you and you fight back in any way, you automatically get a harsher punishment. I always imagined it was intended to discourage any kind of vigilante justice starting from a young age.

@EllisDee @threalist Depending on where you were, things could get horrible with ZT policies.

@Owl @threalist Oh I've been to kiddie jail.

@EllisDee @threalist I don’t mean from legal institutions, I mean from the school.

@monsterislandcolonizer @threalist the system isn't broken, it's working exactly as designed

@skylar @monsterislandcolonizer @threalist

So the zero tolerance policy is killing kids in the name of saving them?

Why am I not surprised.

Probably will float more of the same as the "solution" as well.

@teknomunk @monsterislandcolonizer @threalist burgers.png with "saving them?"

@Owl @threalist @EllisDee but without the legal institutions, the school can't do jack shit
"waaaah you have to go to detention for chucking an algebra textbook at the annoying kid who was tossing paper balls at you while you were trying to have a nice nap in nap class"