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A few notes on voting counts and Lemmy. I was looking into adding counts to azorius and added some logging to see what was happening.

First off, tons of traffic. I knew this, but it's kinda ridiculous. I think in my mind I rarely vote things up or down, but lots of users seem to prefer voting on every post and comment they see. Times a few hundred users, this turns into lots of votes.

Saving every vote would result in tons more database traffic. I figured maybe I can just keep a running count of Likes - Dislikes for each post, and then periodically write it back to the database.

Haha, no. Sometimes you get 100 or more votes for the same comment from the same person. I think this is not deliberate manipulation, but just Lemmy glitching out, but the result is the same. You have to record not just the vote but also the voter for every Like to discard duplicates and keep an accurate count.

Maybe I'll work on this while I watch the next season of Halo or something, but it may take a while.

@tedu You also have to record the liker or disliker so they can later retract their like.

Alternatively, you could just not add counts. There’s no reason why a link aggregator or forum needs voting.


@Hyolobrika yeah, that's how it works now, and it's fine.