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Boosts and links ≠ endorsements

"Funny and Welsh" - meso

If anyone I've blocked wants to apologize to me or otherwise work it out, they can message me over XMPP or Matrix.

@sim @captainepoch Something I vaguely remember you and thatbrickster saying. If I misremembered or misinterpreted, I am sorry.

@sim @captainepoch People need to have a healthier attitude towards historic evils IMO. Not hating the descendants of the people who committed them, whether they are you or others. But also recognising that they were wrong and striving to make sure that they don't happen again.

@sim @captainepoch White guilt is bullshit but that doesn't mean that imperialism is good, or even neutral.

@captainepoch I was referring to sim

@sim @captainepoch Why do you hate yourself?

@piggo imagine getting into some funny fedi thread and create absolute confusion by serving different replies to different people

that sounds like fun

@piggo That's pretty xenophobic

@toiletpaper @djsumdog Maybe you can say that you ought to satisfy your needs if you want to live in an instrumental sense. But it makes no sense to say that you ought to die if you can’t or don’t satisfy your needs. It’s just that you will (assuming nobody helps you).

@toiletpaper @djsumdog No it's just the case that if you don't meet your needs, you will die. No ought about it. Purely is. Which was my point.

Official statement from @Mer__edith: the new EU chat controls proposal for mass scanning is the same old surveillance with new branding.

Whether you call it a backdoor, a front door, or “upload moderation” it undermines encryption & creates significant vulnerabilities.


@sim @captainepoch Bro IIRC you support the British empire. A little bit of leftist indoctrination would do you good.

@_dm Rich people seem to like risk though from what I've seen.

I'd be curious to know if anyone can.
If you can, please DM me my name and address.

The kind of person who wants people who have never harmed another to die.

Ought ≠ is, BTW. But I doubt you could understand that.

Thanks for doubling down. Now I know what kind of person you are.

So, I was thinking about spicy food and how it affects our bodies. Which led me to think, "are there taste receptors in our butts?", since things are spicy both going in and coming out.

Well, I was wrong. But I wasn't wrong *enough*

Spicy food works on pain receptors, but there's apparently taste receptors in our colons that our bodies use to detect things that need to be flushed out quickly.

I've probably been doxed already the amount of things I post about myself online.

Does anyone actually like the music they play in supermarkets?

You said "The author should literally just die". I.e. that he deserves to or ought to die.
Did you mean "would" rather than "should"?

Also I hate that idea that you mustn't be offended at something that doesn't happen to you. It was a disgusting thing to say even if you "diDN't mEAn Me PeRsONaLLy".