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High-decoupler, cat lover, mildly retarded.
Trying to be vegetarian.

Boosts and links ≠ endorsements

Digital Plants (L-Systems) - Computerphile

Both really old (dated 2011.12)

I have two Raspberry Pis. One was a Christmas present and the other was given to me because the original owner didn't want it anymore. Neither of them boot up.

>Is French

Everyone's so busy being worried about AGI that modern encryption is kinda just falling over with no suitable replacements widely implemented.


tweet reading "Gemini is apparently told your Google account age and will answer questions w/the appropriate caution.

Here it is refusing to help someone with C++ because they’re he’s under 18, and advanced C++ is a danger to a young mind."

you are in her friend zone
i'm in her arch enemy zone

we are not the same

Remembeeing how i was told by a poc on twitter, that saying "wat" as a white person is cultural appropriation. they claimed that this word is part of black american culture.

they were surprised to find out about ruhrpott german dialect

You're right, nothing he wants is important, so cut the tether and let him fall to earth like a shooting star 💫

Custom emojis can't be easily represented in FEP-ef61. Unlike almost all other ActivityPub objects, Emoji objects are owned by a server, not by an actor.

I think it would be much better if they were regular Image objects without an ID.

I have always thought this

@Oaghaji the is no such thing as cultural appropriation of immaterial goods. everybody who tries to convince you otherwise is probably a content mafia zombie brainlet. cultural appropriation and so called copyright infringement are basically the same idea, but on a different scope. one is on a cultural scope, meanwhile the other is on an individual scope.

So much for American freedom, huh?
Cc: @condret

trashfire country

@jeffcliff Is car insurance really state run in Saskatchewan?

@adiz You just mean the state of Israel?

>Vehicle theft is an issue that affects us all collectively.
No it isn't lol. It affects each vehicle owner individually. The only reason to ban insecure devices is "for their own good"¹, which is always a bad exercise of authority.

[1] Except maybe against being remotely hacked. Since that could affect passengers as well.

on a scale of 1 to WE COPYRIGHTED THE FUCKING PLASTIC CASE OF OUR DUMB TERMINAL, how many layers of IP law are you on?

a close up on the internal plastic of a beige computer part. It has "© WYSE TECHNOLOGY COPYRIGHT
710050-01 REV.C 1985" molded into it

@jeffcliff @OneEyeKing I thought you wanted people to stay in their homes. Make up your fucking mind.

@jeffcliff @OneEyeKing One or two people make a protest super spreader event?

One or two people can kill 30 million just by coughing and sneezing? (If they were patient zero and patient one, then sure, but they’re probably not)

You’re deranged