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I have lots of accounts as backup.

Had a weird dream where I was switching between worlds while running.
In the last world I switched into I was in a car. And the world outside of the car looked like a painting.
The car stopped at a town and I and the woman driving it got out.
I felt a bit lost so I asked for her phone number and was surprised to learn that it only had three digits. I surmised from that (in the dream, which is interesting) that there must be very few people in that world.
She walked into her house and I took a drink from the drinkable water fountain in her front yard. Then I woke up.

Back in me day, we didn't have certificates and tokens or any of that newfangled jazz. No, we send our usernames and passwords in plain text, separated by a colon, and that's the way we likesed it!

trump trump biden

pov: you're in hell

I don't think public money should be used for anything political.

>I like to watch
He likes to watch what?
>Want my dick pic
What does this mean?

It seems that when doing many things, I have to choose between tedium (doing it manually) and frustration (trying to automate it).

WTF, I did this too. Did you guys do it?

An image of a being painted in black and white. The painting shows a figure of a man, naked, in a position that seems running. Under the picture it is written: “when i was little and my parents were driving id pretend there was a
man/being/thing running alongside the car who had to follow certain
rules like he can only travel by jumping from streetlight to streetlight"
or "he can only walk on fences"
I was so surprised to find out that other people did similar things” and there’s a reply to it that reads “i wonder what the underlying psychology behind it is
like its a really specific thing to do but almost everyone did it without telling
other kids about it because we all thought it was probably weird or

>anprim flag
>black sun

Who's physically bashing you, sorry?
Pic related is the real bashback (screenshotted and reposted for justified block evasion).
You will lose those dicks and vaginas if you fuck with my teeth, bozos.

>And they are trying to force their ideology down others.
That goes for a lot of people.
>they quite literally are trying to ban books because it simply states the opposite of what they believe in.
I don't think that's the reason they give. Doesn't mean it's not true but you generally can't tell what someone's intentions are.
This isn't me defending them. I don't agree with banning books.

time to order up a few hundred rolls of stickers

an oval sticker with an american flag and the text "i deleted facebook" in the style of the "i voted" sticker

And are you sure they are doing that because of their feelings?

How so?

That's the flagship instance, not the software. Interesting how people always get those two mixed-up.

Also, I think Reddit-style tree view comments are great.
{up,down}votes, not so much.

Are they?

This guy sounds smart and thought-provoking but I don't think he gets everything right.

I don't think these layers evolved strictly from the bottom up.
I'm pretty sure requests came before the legal system.