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One of the reasons I don't like to post about politics too much anymore is that the spergs who like to orbit those kinds of discussions are terrible to be around. Generally I want to have fun online and dealing with those people is not fun.

@nozaki sorry I am not fun.

All faults can be won over with a good posting energy and attitude, which you have in spades. I think you're fun to post with and missed you on your latest sabbatical.

I regret any time I post politics and forget to mute conversation

@deVoid @nozaki Sorry i am retarded

Not an offender actually 👑, yet

I should have muted right after someone started posting stupid stuff. I'm getting sloppy.

@nozaki the world has left me behind.

But I can't leave the world behind.

@deVoid @nozaki >Starts politics hellthread
>immediately mutes the thread

I do this a lot actually

@nozaki fucking me too!

@PonyPanda @nozaki i think you're fun

You seem very aggressive when I see you on the TL, do you enjoy that? I'm curious because it seems hard to make friends that way.

I recognize your suffering and feel the same.

@graf @nozaki I'm a fat slut.

@PonyPanda @nozaki im a fat slut

😂 fat sluts

I'm fucking around. I like to fuck with people don't take it serious

Ok, happy you are enjoying yourself on fedi. I hope you get lots of (you)s.

@Sexypink get pregnant, hag

get fucked in the ass fag

@Sexypink christmas cake


@Sexypink thank you for your cervix

I’m going to get too where you are. That’s a good goal. No more politics. I like it.

Thank you Mr. Press Secretary. I don't think I'll be able to contain myself all the time, but it's good to try. You are one of a handful of GABoids who are fun to have around and i enjoy your drunk posting. I hope it doesn't negatively impact your real life too much.

@nozaki I had to quit gab. It makes me want too drink too much.

@JonnyFever @nozaki only homos quit...

@JonnyFever @nozaki sorry read the rest of the poasts...i agree...

@Frondeur @nozaki
Well I didn’t exactly quit. I just didn’t feel like creating a new sock 🧦 after fedpoasting too much.

@Frondeur @nozaki
I never used too be a mean drinker, but I’ve plugged myself into all the negative fake and gay news so much that it boils up when I get hammered.

@JonnyFever @nozaki bro you have used the wrong "too" too many times tonight...you ok bro...

@Frondeur @nozaki I’m pretty good at English except the “too & to” thing.
It never clicked for me.

@Frondeur @nozaki
Why is there 2 different to’s?

@JonnyFever @nozaki infinitives used to need something like "to" in germanic languages in certain cases...

"Too" is like "also" and "as well"

Anchor that and the "to" will sort itself out.

@NailBomb @Frondeur @nozaki
When you write a name tag on a Christmas present, isn’t it:

Too: Frondeur
From: Fever


Also Frondeur?
As well Frondeur?
That doesn't make sense. Therefore "to"

@NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur

Are you serious? I’ve been writing Christmas tags like that my whole life!!!!

Well, as the old saying goes: when you've hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

@NailBomb @JonnyFever @nozaki nailbomberman figured me out...we're the same account...

@NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur
I have a great idea for a Whiteboard exercise tonight

This is how language has always meant to be studied. So natural and intuitive

@NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur
Could you imagine time traveling, but every time you time traveled you ended up in the English class with the sentence diagraming?

Sounds like a rough DMT trip

@NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur
In the book, Kiyosaki describes/explains how he invented the Velcro wallet, but didn’t patten the design, and then Korea mass produced his invention and assed him out.
That part sounded a little sus.

Fact: my grandma invented the velcro wallet, so that lying jap can go swing from a dog's balls.

put subtitles on that shit I heard like 4 words

@keith @NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur

What I might do is go too one of those shady phone mechanics and see if they can install some subwoofers.

find one with small hands and thick glasses.. they do good work.

That might be my uncle, happy you guys met. If I ever go to Hawaii I don't think I'll go to Waikiki, my mom told me that's where the fags hang out and I shouldn't go there.

A Brit, a German, and a Jap get hired to work for a construction company. First day of work, the foreman takes the 3 men to a big hole in the ground. The foreman points to the hole and says, "I need you guys to fill this hole." He then points to a large pile of gravel and says, "This is the gravel we're going to use."
He says to the Brit, "You're in charge of shoveling the gravel into a wheelbarrow.'
He says to the to the German, "You're in charge of dumping the wheelbarrow load into the hole."
The foreman then points to the Jap and says, "You're going to be responsible for the supplies."

The foreman leaves the men to do their job and he returns a few hours later to check their progress, but sees the Brit sleeping against the gravel pile, the German sitting under a tree in the shade, and no gravel in the hole. Furious, he yells, "I've been gone for over 4 goddam hours! Why isn't there any gravel in the hole?"

The Brit says, "It's bloody hard to shovel gravel if I got no shovel."
The German looks over and replies, "I can't wheel gravel into the hole if I don't have a wheelbarrow."

The foreman screams, "How can you two not have a shovel and wheelbarrow? Where's that fucking Jap?" The Foreman looks around and doesn't see the Jap anywhere. He checks the hole. Nope. He starts to walk around to the back of the gravel pile when suddenly the Jap jumps out and yells, "Sapplize!"

This is pretty good and I've heard a couple variations of it. All take too much set up though.

@JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb jonny im in mexico...where the fuck are you...

@NailBomb @nozaki @Frondeur
Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) is still on the New York Times Best Seller list and failed out of high school twice.
I think we’ll be ok if we get his editor on the Fedi

That sounded like an awesome idea - minus the degenerate, race-mixing, crime against nature part.

We stan an incel king 🧎🧎🧎

@nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur
Not quite. I was an incel from 16 too 18, in South Dakota. I couldn’t get laid in high school.
I went into the army immediately after high school.
That’s when I got laid. I had too leave my home city for women too give me any pussy.
How fucking terrible is that?
I want too fire bomb Rapid City, South Dakota like it was Dresden, Germany.

Im now having a big think about the mindset of the bomber pilots that carpet bombed Dresden.

The bomber pilots never got laid either, did they?

@JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb now you're just deliberately misusing too to fuck with me...

@Frondeur @nozaki @NailBomb

@JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb come to zihua...

@Frondeur @nozaki @NailBomb
I always have used “too”

@Frondeur @nozaki @NailBomb

I’m still having a big think.

Did the air force choose pilots that were incels, too drop nukes on Japan?

@JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb you listen to the tapes? they go full autism mode debating what they are carrying...

@tyler @Frondeur @nozaki @NailBomb

I knew a kid named Tyler.
He was jewish as fuck.

@Frondeur @nozaki @NailBomb
They didn’t know what they were carrying.
Don’t make me go into retard mode.

@JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb play the tapes...one of them had a pretty good idea..."physicists worst nightmare"...

@JonnyFever @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb worth it for the last line..

@tyler @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur
No one invited you. Don’t get too comfortable

bro bro bro... if a jonny spoke in the forest and no one was there to hear it... did it even happen? im gonna send you a $10 gift card to the local radio shack.. ok... and we gonna get you set up proper okay?

@keith @JonnyFever @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb yo quiero taco bell...

@graf @PonyPanda @nozaki she's a fat slut? im a fat slut.

You’re alright. You’re the only one who got removed from the mental book of grudges…onto the mental book of friends

What is this .jfif file nonsense you posting?

@keith @tyler @JonnyFever @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur >do_I_look_like_I_know_what_a_jfif_file_is.jfif

@JonnyFever @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur Jonny, what are your thoughts on today's glow niggerdry?

have a nice evening friend

thank you for the poasts

@JonnyFever @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur thank you for your time friend

@keith @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur
Have you seen that guy who built some dug out shelters on YouTube? He’s European.

But guess what, we have the same guy but 30 years earlier in Alaska.

I would like too fly your parents too Honolulu and ask them why they named you Kieth.

@JonnyFever @tyler @nozaki @NailBomb @Frondeur insightful as ever, thank you friend


@RahowasaurusRex1979 @nozaki thank you friend. (づ ̄ ω ̄)づ

But I do wonder if one day, my playful side will give way to age and the only thing left will be my dour concern for the state of the world.

@Meier @graf @nozaki I love this so much.

The same people posting about politics are the people who also post big anime milkers or keep me informed on the latest Vtuber news. Is that not fun enough for you faggot!?